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Title: Direct Me To The Sun
Pairing(s): Eames/ Arthur. Ora e sempre
Summary: Arthur and Eames are married with a daughter, a dog and a practically perfect life, all of that stuff. They have very few secrets between then...or so Eames thinks, not knowing about the job that Arthur has
Genre(s): AU, romance, est-rel, family/ domesticity, fluff, MPreg, eventual angst and dark/ tragedy.
Warning(s): Mentions of MPreg, eventual MPreg, character death, violence saccharine-sweetness with a cynical edge, threat/ danger, angst self-beta’d, British spelling and slang.
Rating: Varies; NC-17 overall.
Word count: 20,615.
Disclaimer: Characters sprung from le mind of Christopher Nolan. Allie, however, is mine.
Direct Me To The Sun | Quite A Pointless Thing To Do | When You Leave The Room | Turn It Around Tonight | Wind in the Wheat | Since I Met You | Wrong Place, The Right Time | The Wheels Come Down | Double Nickels On Your Dime | All The Mess That We Made | Turn Back The Page | Your Sweet Disaster | Far Beyond Repair | Follow You To The Beginning | Let's Make A Promise | Epilogue: I'm Lost Without You |X| Keep My Colours Clean (follow-up) |
Title: Say It To You Out Loud
Pairing(s): Eames/ Arthur, d’accordo.
Summary: Arthur doesn’t expect Eames to be back – at all, let alone so soon. Meanwhile, Eames doesn’t expect what Arthur’s been whilst he’s been gone… [1st-person POV.]
Genre(s): AU, MPreg, angst, romance, est-rel, family/ domesticity and a descent into fluffy fluff.
Warning(s): MPreg, swearing, mentions of prison, lashings of angst, self-beta’d, British spelling and slang.
Rating: R
Word count: 1,369
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Christopher Nolan, of course.
Author’s Note: Just a slightly plotless drabble that’s been formulating in my head over the weekend and I am awful at containing these things xD Title comes from No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine.

Title: Pledge, Turn, Prestige
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Pintooo.
Summary:  Chris is having another '09 Moment, and Zach is getting pretty damn fed up with it.
Genre(s): PWP, romance, tiny angst, kink
Length: One-shot
Wordcount: 2,014
Warning(s): Hate!sex --> D/s elements, biting, scratching, tiny smidge of Painto, a light bit of angst, self-beta'd, British spelling, British slang.
Disclaimer: The only concrete truths in this are: 1) My mind is very bloody dirty at times and 2) Zach's opinion of Shaun of the Dead accurately reflects mine. I know it shouldn't, but. Whatever.
Feedback: Is appreciated and I'll always respond.
Author's Note: Inspired by the combination of this and then [info]melooza's comment, which was the first one on there. And she dared me. So, if you get this...CHALLENGE COMPLETED! Title was slightly inspired by/ taken from the film The Prestige, which is also a very, very good film. Mind you, it's Chris Nolan. How can it NOT be good?! Haha!
Title: Why You Runnin'?
Rating: Overall NC-17, each chapter varies (increases in rating, though).
Pairing(s): Eventual Pinto, previous Chris/OC, initial Zach/OC, Karl Urban/ Eric Bana.
Summary: AU. One wants to run, but can't; the other's already running and won't stop. Sooner or later, there's going to be a collision...
Genre(s): AU, angst, hurt/comfort, romance, death!fic, humour, fluff, crack
Length: Multi-chapter, multi-parter
Word count: 21,013
Warning(s): Self-harm, other pairings, angst, character death, domestic violence, mentions of non-con (and consequences), car accident, drinking and rimming.
Disclaimer: All lies. Complete fiction.
Author's Notes: Idea came to me in church, actually (one of the two times a year I'm made to go, I'm not religious otherwise). I was recovering from an illness I had on 23/12, hence my reaction of "OMG FLORIST PINTO!" when the priest said "Thankyou to the flower arrangers..."
|| Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Territorial Expansion | End of Time | In Your Eyes | Other Side | Spectrum Part 1 | Spectrum Part 2 | Gaining Closure Part 1 | Gaining Closure Part 2 ||

Title: Oh, Christina!
NC-17/ 18
Pairing(s): Pinto with Pardy (Pine/Hardy) implication (or is it? :P)
Summary: Zach comes home one night to find a, hmm, 'treat' waiting for him.
Genre(s): word!PWP, crack
Length: One-shot/ 1,455wds
Warning(s): Crackyish, cross-dressing, gratuitous word-pr0n, implications of other pairing, British spelling, self-beta'd, plotless and strong language. Rated for description more than anything
Disclaimer: All lies. Complete fiction.
Author's Notes: The idea from this isn't honestly mine. I was reacting to a certain clip of Chris in "Surrender Dorothy" to my man and as we were saying goodnight, he teased: "Sleep well, don't dream of Pine in a dress. Much less Pine in a dress flirting with Quinto. And Hardy." So there you go.

Title: Clouding Over
PG-13/ 12
Pairing(s): Pinto
Summary: He’d had enough of the way people tiptoed around him as though he was a ticking time-bomb, those dark eyes of his on the verge of clouding over as a red mist descended upon him.
Genre(s): Angst, death!fic
Length: One-shot/ 2,130wds
Warning(s): Angst, implied character death, one single use of strong language, British spelling and dialect, self-beta'd, minimal plot.
Author’s Note: I'm meant to be concentrating on putting together a mock CV, but my Inner Fangirls and the plot bunny that inspired this were too hard to ignore. Also: first Pinto fic, please be nice :) Double also: Check = plaid.

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